Why is it unique

Low Power Consumption

The Liebert DSE 400-500kW Packaged Solution provides energy savings in ways no other large data center cooling system can match. Even in full compressor mode, the Liebert DSE 400-500kW is more efficient than most DX systems, Including heat wheels in DX mode.

Peak Power(kW)

Up to 30% Lower Peak Power Usage

Low Peak Power

  • Nearly 300 square feet of condenser surface reduces operating and peak power.

Optimal Energy Efficiency

  • Freecooling economization without using water.
  • Automatic, seamless transitions between economizations modes.
  • Efficient in low load / part load conditions.

Minimal Air Leakage

  • No wheel air leakage, volumetric displacement or humidity gain/losses as with heat wheels so no additional makeup air and humidity control is required due to unit operation.