kW Sensible kW

Placing your cursor on the graph reveals the outdoor ambient temperature and the number of hours at that temperature during the year (a full year is 8,760 hours).

Advanced controls used in the Liebert DSE continually modulate economization based on outdoor ambient temperatures, resulting in maximum free-cooling hours.

Full Compressor:
During warm temperatures, the units variable-speed evaporator fans, variable speed condenser fans, and digital scroll compressors automatically adjust to match IT load and optimize energy usage.

Partial Economization:
During cooler temperatures seasonally or overnight, the refrigerant economizer bypasses one of the unit's compressors, to provide partial free cooling, offsetting some of the compressor power usage.

Full Economization:
During cold temperatures, all of the unit's compressors are idled and bypassed by the economizer pump, saving considerable energy.